Team Leadership – Have You Got What It Takes?

Not everybody has what it takes to be a leader and even fewer have what it takes to be a good leader. Mankind’s history is awash with leaders of nations and leaders of armies, great, good and (sometimes) absolutely rubbish and these leaders are judged in retrospect by whether their missions were successful or not.  Team leadership is not so different – it’s just on a smaller scale – involving teams and projects rather than nations and wars.


Poor Leadership – A Lose-Lose Situation

Although most books and courses on leadership seem to focus on the positive qualities, there are many ineffective leaders – in fact, it’s estimated that 35% of new executives entering a new position will fail (Center for Creative Leadership). Poor leadership brings with it a whole raft of problems, including:

  • Failed projects and missed deadlines
  • Low morale and lack of esprit de corps
  • Inefficient use of resources
  • Lack of collaboration
  • Low productivity
  • Unequal workload distribution
  • Fragmented organization efforts
  • Ineffective Meetings
  • A stressful workplace leading to high employee turnover rates and increased absenteeism


Poor Leadership – Nightmare Scenario

We’ve probably all experienced, at some points in our careers, what it’s like to work under the management of a poor team leader and the problems that ensue. It can be frustrating and really difficult to make progress on the project, and what was once a fulfilling and enjoyable job may turn into a nightmare for all members of the team.Team leadership done poorly

It seems that poor leadership is rife –articles, blog posts and books on the subject abound, from advice on dealing with “toxic bosses”, through how to tell if you’re a “bad boss”, to tips on identifying bad business or team leaders. The recent debacle at Apple which culminated in the firing of Scott Forstall is a case in point and has stunned business news reporters both on- and off-line.


It’s All Over Now

We’re in the midst of a global financial crisis and there really is no room for poor team leadership these days – at best it would cost your organization money and/or customers, at worst it could lead to the death knell for the company. Good team leadership is essential for both organizations and projects if they are to weather the economic storm and thrive.


The Benefits Of Being The Best

Good leadership can have a dramatically positive effect on both the teams and the projects involved, resulting in:

  • A capable and creative team
  • A collaborative working atmosphere
  • Team members who are motivated and committed to success
  • Sustainable results leading to an increase in revenue/profits
  • Increased engagement resulting in an increase in employee retention rates and a decrease in absenteeism
  • A positive outcome for the organization, its employees and its clients

Effective team leadership results in enhanced performance (highlighted in a recent blog post), increased efficiency, improved services and innovative thinking. Great leadership is vital for your business if you want to survive and prosper in today’s market.


How To Get What It Takes to Be A Great Team Leader

Team Leadership is all about how you guide your team, taking into account individual personalities and the diverse roles they will play in bringing your projects to a successful conclusion. Effective team building is a must if you want a winning team to work a spell for your organization.  Building strong teams and enhancing overall team performance can put you in a win-win situation. Leadership is a skill to be learned and there are courses on offer to help with team leadership.

John F. Kennedy famously said “Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other” and you too can learn how to be a great team leader.

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