Team Dynamics: Over-Used Buzz Phrase Or Key To Business Success?

Team dynamics, team spirit, call it what you will. Yes, it’s a little over-used… Team dynamicsbut it’s still a phrase that we can all relate to, especially when it applies to sports. Makes you think though, doesn’t it? If great team dynamics are essential for winning championships, imagine what a similar level of team spirit could do for your business?

We’ve all heard about the great teams who bring magic to companies like Google and Microsoft, making them household names all over the world. That’s because the people who created these teams understood team dynamics and were able to use their knowledge to build winning teams that reached for the stars and succeeded.

There are many factors that can have a negative effect on team dynamics, such as:

  • poor relationships within the team – this can result in a team that is divided into sub-groups where information does not flow smoothly across the group
  • personality conflicts within the group
  • poor leadership
  • poor process leading to frustration and resentment
  • lack of shared vision which leads to disengagement
  • lack of team spirit and low morale

We’ve probably all, at some point in our careers, come across teams that can hardly be described as a team. Leading, or being part of a weak team is not a pleasant work experience – it can drag you down, stifling your creativity, productivity and vitality. A team with weak team dynamics has a negative impact on an organization and can lead to:

  • inefficient business processes
  • failed projects
  • missed deadlines
  • chaotic working conditions
  • decreased productivity

If your team is not working at its best, then it’s time you looked at team dynamics and what you can do to turn that around and get the team functioning at its best. This will result in a strong, capable and confident team – a team that is totally committed to the success of your business.

Understanding and leveraging team dynamics is a vitally important part of running any organization – you’ll need all members of your team working together in a positive and co-operative manner that benefits your business. Knowing how to put together a winning team that will give your organization the edge over your competitors is the name of the game.

Having a strong team on board will offer your business advantages:

  • Teamwork improves efficiency – each team member has special skills to bring to the team as a whole. This means everybody can draw on the knowledge and experience of the others to speed progress.
  • Teamwork enhances performance – each team member will be able to focus on using their skills and capabilities to do what they do best.  This leads to higher quality work from the team as a whole.
  • Teamwork fosters trust and competency – a strong team needs a solid foundation of trust to operate efficiently and transparently.  Collaboration allows team members to focus on their core competencies – this is instructive on a broad basis with each team member gaining a wider understanding of the system that they are part of.
  • Teamwork promotes confidence – each team member will have confidence in the others and this confidence will bring cohesion to the team.
  • Teamwork allows management to focus on the “big picture” – having solid teammates to share the workload with will result in enhanced productivity and reduced stress.
  • Teamwork improves services – a successful organization with a strong team spirit will portray a positive image to customers and clients.
  • Teamwork results in innovation – lasting innovation is usually the result of an impressive effort by a group of people, starting with the creative process, through development, refinement and execution.

Team dynamics is all about the people on the team – their personalities and the diverse roles they will play in bringing success to your projects.  Effective team building is essential if you want a winning team to weave magic for your organization. Understanding team dynamics is absolutely essential for building strong teams and enhancing overall team performance. This is a skill that you can learn and there are courses on offer to help with team dynamics and team building.

At Project Laneways, we specialise in training business professionals like you, in the project management skills they need to ensure success. The team dynamics component of our Change Management Foundation course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to build the best team for your business; a team that could take you to the top.

If understanding team dynamics is a skill-set you’d like to add to your project management qualifications arsenal, check out our Change Management Foundation course details here, or call us on Melbourne 03 9038 9236

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