Delivery Options

Virtual Classroom

Live remote interaction with Australian based trainers.

Complete with exercises and group discussions.

Virtual classroom on laptop

“Enjoyed it! ….thought the virtual environment was great. The breakout rooms were an awesome feature, and it was a great way to connect with other students. Dan did a great job! It was seamless” . Participant in a  virtual class across 4 days.

The virtual classroom

 The virtual classroom  consists of

  • Live remote interaction with an Australian based trainer and the rest of the class
  • The same trainer who conducts the classroom training.  
  • It will be conducted through video meeting software (Zoom is our preferred tool – see later).
  • Sessions will typically be capped at 60 minutes followed by a break.
  • Plus a lunch break
  • Course text books, if required,  will be sent to you.
  • Course materials will be provided  to you in PDF format.

The classroom exercises translate well to the virtual classroom.

Zoom web meeting software

Zoom is a well known web conferencing system and, although we pay a subscription, it is free for you to use

It can be accessed on laptops, tablets and phones. We do not recommend using a phone because of the smaller screen.

It can be accessed directly though common browsers.  A short video explaining how is here:

However, some class exercises go better if participants can share their screen. This requires the Zoom app available for Windows and Macs here:

We do recommend

  • A screen of 9 inches or more
  • Using a headset with a microphone if you have one
  • Choosing a well lit location with little background noise
  • Minimising interruptions

On line exams

The online exams from APMG have exactly the same accreditation as the normal paper based exams. They are invigilated by your trainer over the video conferencing software.

Where relevant, exam fees are included in the course fees.

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