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Scrum Basics

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Scrum Basics. Updated Scrum courses for Scrum 2020

Scrum is now spreading beyond it’s traditional IT roots and is being in many disciplines across the organisation. e.g. legal, HR, marketing

This 1 day course introduces you to all the essential Scrum concepts and how they fit together. This includes

  • Scrum events
  • Scrum artifacts
  • Scrum accountabilities

You do NOT need to be an IT expert for this course.

  • Scrum is the most popular agile approach.
  • Scrum use is growing widely beyond traditional IT use.
  • This is a the first part of an internally recognised accreditation.
  • Quality training
  • Maximum class size is 12 people – book soon while places are available
  • The course includes a simple quiz and a completion certificate.

Scrum is the most popular agile approach.

Originally embraced by IT teams, Scrum is rapidly being adopted by other disciplines such as HR, Finance departments, product design, marketing and many others.

  • Scrum is a framework within which people can collaboratively address complex problems, while creatively delivering outputs (called products) of the best possible value.
  • Scrum is not a process, technique or definitive method. Rather, it is approach to team collaboration and effectively manages and prioritises the workload.
  • The framework consists of Scrum Teams and associated roles, events, Artefacts and rules.
  • Each of these components serves a specific purpose and is essential to Scrum’s success.
  • Each of these components and the rules that bind them rules are described in The Scrum Guide, developed in 1995 and sustained by creators Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.

The course has no pre-requisites. It is suitable for: –

  • Portfolio, Programme and Project managers interested in moving to an agile approach.
  • Anyone who works in teams with high workloads.
  • Anyone who thinks there has to be a better way of working.
  • Anyone who works alongside or within Scrum teams.

Note: This course has a wider business focus: Increased focused on Scrum’s application beyond IT & software development. This is unusual for a Scrum master course.

  • Gain a deep understanding of the Scrum Framework as defined in The Scrum Guide.
  • Understand – in detail – the accountabilities of each of the Scrum team members: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developers
  • Master the Scrum principles to better understand their application.
  • Learn how work flows through the Scrum framework.
  • Experience: We have been delivering quality courses since 2007.
  • Practical: All our trainers have practical experience in the subjects they teach
  • Small class sizes: Class maximum size is 12 for a better course experience
  • Lively and relaxed: Our courses are highly interactive for a better learning experience
  • Quality: We have been collecting Trustpilot reviews since July, 2018 and have an average score of over 4.8 out of 5.

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