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Agile Project Management

Everything you need to know to run an AgilePM project and includes a bonus introduction to Scrum – all in three information-rich, content-packed days!

AgilePM (Agile Project management) is the fastest-growing approach to managing projects. That’s why the APMG Agile Foundation training course is now one of the most popular Agile courses in Australia. It has gone from being the toy of small IT start-up companies to being a well-recognised and highly useful approach to almost every type of project, regardless of size or industry.

  • The benefits of an Agile approach
  • The typical life cycle of a project framed around the Agile method.
  • How to control an Agile project whilst maintaining the flexibility that should come with it.
  • The  philosophy and principles of Agile Project Management
  • The use of stand-ups, timeboxes/sprints and retrospectives
  • How to Use MoSCoW prioritisation.
  • The art of estimating and planning.
  • About iterative and incremental development,
  • The recommended roles and responsibilities in an Agile Project.
  • The different management styles required.

In the world of project management, Agile approaches are fast taking over. They are the most common approaches used in IT projects and are rapidly moving outside IT to areas such as marketing, HR, legal departments and other forms of projects.

Based on the proven fundamentals within DSDM Atern, the approach provides the ability to deliver Agile Projects in organisations requiring visibility and discipline around the tasks associated with managing projects. At the same time, it allows the fast pace, flexibility and empowerment offered within the Agile environment..

No experience is required to study for the AgilePM foundation Course.

When you purchase the online Agile Project management online course, you will receive: –

  • 12 months access to an online course explaining everything you need to know for the foundation exam and MORE. This course also has all the examinable course material for the Practitioner exam as well
  • 12 months access to a sample exam paper
  • Templates for standard AgilePM documents
  • Documents for an example AgilePM project – The GEIC case study
  • A 19 page PDF summary of AgilePM with  18 self assessment questions
  • 12 months email access to an experienced AgilePM trainer (Note telephone or video access is an optional extra
  • “Agile Project Management Handbook v2″ – the official text book. This is recommended for the Foundation course. This is a MUST HAVE for the  Practitioner course. However, many people can either borrow a copy or find one at a price lower than we can offer.
  • 12 months access to an online Foundation exam which can be taken at a time of your convenience. This can be purchased separately at a later date if you want.- see below for system requirements. PLEASE NOTE a pass at the Foundation level is necessary before you can take the practitioner exam.
  • Live telephone/video access to an experienced AgilePM trainer.  Ask any question you want. The trainer will have access to a full slide pack and a whiteboard to discuss any topic. Purchase and use in blocks of 15 minutes.

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