Agile Project Management (AgilePM)

Agile Project Management (AgilePM) Foundation





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Everything you need to know to run an Agile Project and includes a bonus introduction to Scrum. 

Agile Project Management (AgilePM) was developed by the Agile Business Consortium to combine the power and flexibility of agile techniques with the kind of discipline and governance required by many organisations.  It has gone from being the toy of small IT start-up companies to being a well-recognised and highly useful approach to almost every type of project, regardless of size or industry.

This Agile Foundation course introduces and explains the philosophy and principles underlying the AgilePM approach to Agile Project Management. It covers the Agile project methodology along with all you need to know around the set-up and management process, including planning and control.

You will learn:-

  • The principles and concepts of an Agile approach.
  • How an Agile project is managed.
  • An Agile project lifecycle.
  • How to construct a user story.
  •  Agile estimating techniques.
  • Agile planning techniques and the use of time boxes (sprints).
  • Practical approaches to running an agile project.
  • What Scrum is, how it works and how to integrate it into a project environment.

Plus, you’ll learn the right way to use Agile tools such as incremental delivery, iterations, time-boxes, stand ups, MoSCoW and other related concepts. All your questions about Agile will be answered. NOTE: Discussion around the many and varied applications for Agile in the ‘real world’ is strongly encouraged during the course.

There are plenty of exercises showing how to use the Agile techniques in practical scenarios.

  • A 25 page overview of Agile Project Management (emailed to you when the course booking is confirmed)
  • The AgilePM handbook published by DSDM
  • Copies of all slides with additional notes
  • Templates of selected AgilePM documents
  • A worked through example of an AgilePM project
  • Sample exam questions provided by APMG. Additional sample questions are provided by Project Laneways.
  • Numerous practical exercises
  • The Agile Foundation exam; a 40 minute multiple choice closed-book exam

The Agile Foundation exam taking place in the afternoon of the third day.

Candidates are required to read Project Laneways’ pre-reading material, (approximately 2-3 hours) including an overview of AgilePM and sample Agile Foundation exam style questions. This is made available to participants when the booking is confirmed.

As soon as you’ve successfully passed your Foundation exam you’ll be officially qualified to take your knowledge and expertise to the more advanced Agile Practitioner level.

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