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Offering highly praised and accredited courses in Change Management,  Scrum and Agile Project Management.

Try our Rapid Agile Change Management course. Just 2 days of practical tools and tips that blend Change management and Agile practices.

Engaged and skilled people are the key to success.

Founded in 2007 by Dan Skelsey, Project Laneways specialises in providing the internationally acclaimed  Change ManagementScrum  and Agile Project Management (AgilePM) to Australian business professionals.

We understand that both people and processes are equally important when it comes to the success of a business or project. That’s why our Money-Back Guaranteed courses provide both theoretical and practical skills, suitable in an individual or organisational context.

Project Laneways provides services across Australia and New Zealand, and internationally. If you are interested in our training courses in New Zealand, please click here.

About Dan Skelsey, Lead Trainer and Director

Dan SkelseyDan’s experience extends across five continents and many industries. He has worked on projects in both large international companies and small businesses, and has implemented complex changes that involve both process and cultural change.

International training success

He is both an experienced project manager and trainer, having taught approximately 500 hundred project or change  management courses to over four thousand participants in eight countries. His own experience as a Project Manager and Change Manager allows him to address complex issues and explain them in an easily understandable manner.


An enjoyable and rewarding learning experience

Dan enjoys training and this is reflected in his teaching style. Participants have suggested that this makes the course feel more like a discussion than a lecture, and makes the learning experience enjoyable as well as rewarding.

The Change Management Body of Knowledge

Dan was  one of four authors who developed the The Effective Change Manager / The Change Management Body of Knowledge. This was launched by the Change Management Institute in October 2013. He was also an editor and author of The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook, the official APMG text book for their accredited Change Management courses.

Dan was among the first in Australia to pass the UK APMG Change Management accreditation assessment and become an accredited trainer. He has a Masters degree from Cambridge University, and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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